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The Problems of Calvinism

calvinismThese are my tracts on Calvinism. This is a false system that is not biblical. If you study it with an open mind, comparing it with Scripture you will eventually find that the whole bulk of the system is against Scripture, perverting it and changing it into something that it is not. It works to debilitate the Christian from doing anything for God, attacking biblical evangelism making it unnecessary (those elect will get saved no matter what, so why should I exert myself?), attacking prayer (if everything is set in concrete in heaven, why should I pray?) attacking biblical preaching of the gospel (Calvinists preach their own version of the gospel, not the same gospel of Paul and the NT. Note that Paul never preached election and predestination to unsaved people, nor did Christ, nor did any NT preacher/evangelism), and attacking biblical missions, which is the gospel of the NT out, but Calvinists do not primarily focus on getting the gospel out, but rather to get their version of their doctrines out.

As I study their tactics, I recognize that they commonly use “bait and switch”. For example one of their key pillars is the total depravity of man. No Bible believing Christian can disagree with the fact that man is sinful. But even in their own expositions of this pillar, they immediately redefine and switch the concept. Total depravity is really not about the sinfulness of man, but about man’s inability. This common throughout this false system, and as they twist and turn their concepts which they presume are biblical, they get farther and farther away from the biblical truths.

calv01 Calvinism: What’s the Truth?
calv02 Did Christ Die for the Whole World, or only part of it? Limited Atonement

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Calv03 Total Corruption or Absolute Inability?
Calv04 How do you become a chosen of God?
Calv05 Elect to Salvation or Perdition?
Calv06 God does not respect Persons

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