Salvation & the Basics of Christian Life

Salvation and Basic Discipleship Tracts

Salvation and Basic Discipleship Tracts
By David Cox

These are my tracts on the Salvation and Basic Discipleship Tracts. We examine issues of salvation here, as well as new believers’ issues, discipleship issues, etc.

Tracts Waiting to be Translated into English

Salv03 – Bible Reading
Salv05 – Why Read the Bible?
Salv06 – The Plan of God for your Salvation
Salv07 – Welcome to the Family of God (Boanerge)
Salv09 – The Security of your Salvation
Salv10 – How to have personal Devotions
Salv12 – Epidemic! (Boanerge)
Salv13 – How to know if you are Dead?
Salv14 – Evaluating the Spiritual Food that you consume
Salv15 – Naked in Heaven or Dressed like a Bride?
Salv16 – Remaining in Christ
Salv17 – The Spiritual Battle
Salv18 – The Walking Dead
Salv19 – The Urgency of Salvation
Salv20 – Repentance: The Leaving off of Sin
Salv22 – Blood and Pardon: Understanding Propitiation
Salv23 – The Lamb of God
Salv24 – If I die for you, what have you done for me?
Salv25 – The Agony of Christ
Salv26 – Palm Sunday: Receiving the King
Salv27 – False Theories of the Resurrection
Salv28 – What does Christ’s Resurrection mean?
Salv29 – What is Eternal Life?
Salv30 – Be like a Child to Enter Heaven
Salv32 – Tempted, Don’t give in
Salv33 – Factors in Spiritual Growth
Salv34 – Is there only one Gospel? (way to Heaven)
Salv35 – What is Salvation?
Salv36 – Contending for the Faith once delivered to the Saints

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David Cox Internet Ministries
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