Cults and False Religions

Cults and False Religions
By David Cox

In this index page, I list all my tracts on different cults. There will be more pages on specific cults also.

Cult12 – The Bible versus the Koran – Comparison of the holy scriptures of Islam versus the Holy Scriptures.

Note that I have 12+ tract titles in this category in Spanish. I am constantly working to translate them into English, and when I get new ones, I will put them up here. At times I publish some tract on the website, but it waits a few days to a week or so before it actually publishes it, so I will put the publish dates behind the new tracts so that you will know when it is ready.

We are trying to make all our websites SEO friendly, so according to SEO, we need to have a new post each week at least, and since I work on these sometimes 2-3 at a time ahead of time, that is why they appear here but are waiting for their turn to publish officially.