Printing these tracts

All of these tracts are created to be printed with a computer and on a printer. They are all in format for 8.5 x 11 paper. There are two formats available, Microsoft Word format, and Adobe Acrobat format.

Very simply, you load the tract into the appropriate program (Word or Acrobat), and then you select print, and print the first page (however many copies you want), and the reload the sheets into the printer to print the back side. All the tracts are exactly 2 pages.

Note that it is possible to print the tract in black and white (as per you printer’s ability to do so), and then photocopy the tracts. I make the front cover with a color graphic so that it is attractive to the eye, and more likely that others will read the tract.

In the case of the majority of the tracts, they are tripitics which mean they have three sections, and you will need to fold the tract in both columns with the color graphic on the front showing. A few tracts have just one fold down the middle.

Altering the tracts

My usage policy is that you may use my tracts freely as long as you do not charge for them, nor alter the tract. YOU MUST NOT REMOVE MY NAME OR THE WEBSITE ADDRESS FROM THE TRACT! Some people are doing this. This is illegal! To remove my name from the tract is also immoral, and may God judge between us for those who would steal my labors and present them as their own!

I do allow you i.e. give you permission, to place your church’s contact information on the tract so that people can get back in touch with you. I would recommend placing your church information at the bottom of the tract somewhere, and if there is not room, use a rubber stamp.

 Free printing of these tracts

Please note that I PREFER that you download and print these tracts on your own computer and printer. I don’t make anything from these tracts except from the occasional brother or sister who sends me a donation (see PayPal in the left sidebar). So I am not a commercial, money-making business. I am a missionary with very limited funds.

I do offer to my supporting churches the offer of printing any of these tracts or books that they desire, and I will print and send them to you free of charge.

Price of these tracts

For my financial supporters, I will print anything they want for free. For others, I will print these tracts about at my cost (rounding up to help with calculations), and I will have to charge for the shipping or postage. Basically my cost is about 5 cents per tract (a little less, 4.8 cents, but without calculating for replacing the printer eventually). So I will charge 5 cents per tract, plus shipping and handling.

If you desire me to print these tracts, please either send me a love of offering to help with these expenses, or send me a list of what you want and the number tracts of each tract title. I will calculate the shipping and get back to you.

Please note that I am not a commercial business, so please have patience, I am a busy pastor of my church, and it will get done, but it may take a week more than a commercial business.

Also please note that I am not in this for the money, and it is a ministry with me. If you desire to have some of these tracts in paper form for your own study or to give away, and you don’t know how or don’t want to go through the process of printing it yourself, please contact me with what you want. For small orders (under 50 or so) I probably can just print them and send them to you for free. When I cannot do so because so many people are asking, I will have to charge, but if you want a couple dozen titles, or copies of a few titles, I will try my best to send them to you for free. Mexico is easy, (I live in Mexico), the US costs a little more, and to other countries, it is more difficult. I will do my best if you just communicate with me what you desire.

I think 5 cents per tract is reasonable. 20 tracts for a dollar. This is basically my cost. So please consider donating a little more to help us with paying for new equipment when the time comes.

My email address: [email protected]

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