by Pastor David Cox

Note that at times I do write tracts on subjects that people request of me. Quite frankly, I get a lot of email requests every month that are just people writing asking for my counsel on some topic. Instead of answering that person with a long answer explaining the Bible on the points of their situation, and then have to do it all over again later on, I prefer to write a tract on the subject, and then post it, and send the URL to the person with the problem. In this way, many other people receive the benefits of my counsel, advice, and research. It also greatly cuts down on me having to answer emails in the long run, even though it is a little more work for me in the short run.

How to Submit a Request for a New Tract on some subject.

I use WordPress to create and maintain this website. Every comment that a person submits on any page or post on my website is placed in a special place that only I have access to, and I have to approve or disapprove the comment before the world sees it. So if you want to subject a request for a tract on such and such a topic, just post a comment anywhere on the website, and I will usually see it within the week, and I will erase your comment from the website, and I will put the topic in my to-do list, or write you with the reason why I won’t write a tract on that topic. In many cases, an existing tract already is done. In a lot of cases, I have the tract written in Spanish and just haven’t gotten it translated yet, and in these cases, I will put it at the top of the “to translate” list.

You can also send me an email ([email protected]) with your request if you desire.

Please note, be as specific as possible, and if possible give me a little of the background of the situation and the need for the tract to help me understand what you are requesting. Usually requests like “something on prophecy” will be ignored. I especially like topics having to do with refuting false doctrine of cults and sects.

Buy me a Cup of Coffee! To make an old Christian work into a PDF, a module for theWord, MySword, or eSword takes time. These works are scans from old books, and as such, I have to go through the text some dozen times looking for places where the OCR is incorrect, blurred, or just skipped something.

Text Editing.Then there are the old Bible references like John iii. 16. Many young Christians and even preachers do not know the Latin system for books of the Bible. I convert Roman numerals in these books to Arabic (iii. to 3).

I have had to invest days and days in writing macros to read a long text, and make substitutions (for the above, search for "iii" and replace with "3:"). Unfortunately, with Psalms you have to start with 150 in Roman numerals (CL) and work your way backwards. But using macros, it is almost instantaneous the next time I need this. Work smarter, not harder. All this takes time and patience, (and being smart enough to do it in a macro language) (as well as a lot of coffee) and then making the text into theWord or eSword, mySword or a PDF.

Please donate something to me once every 6 months or even once a year, even if it is only $5, so that I can pay my bills for hosting, and also keep things moving along. It costs me about $10 per month to keep a website on the Internet. My websites also contains ads which have links to my sermons, tracts, books, that I have written. These keep my works before visitors, even if they are not visiting the specific website where I have them stored. It is my own "web" internally of my own sites with links to good Christian literature. May God bless for your prayers and donations.

Take a look at a few of our tracts:
salv76 suffering should seek his Savior
- explains how we should react to problems and sufferings, we should seek the Savior.
pc15 How to fight against depression - we treat the problem of depression. Depression is not a physical disease, it is an emotional and spiritual disease that "bleeds over" and causes aggravation and physical consequences if not attended to at the spiritual-social-emotional level.
ch15 Congregating because we Love - a tract about why we attend church. Our relationship with our brethren in Christ is highly integrated with our salvation and our sanctification.
SSTeen1-01 Existence of God - Does God really exist? This is not a tract but a teen Sunday School Class that I wrote answering this important question.
fam48 Men are God's Agents - Men are God’s Agents to accomplish His Will, looks at man as God wants him to be. Manhood and the husband-wife relationship.

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    • Hi Jenny, Yes you can, but I would prefer if you download the documents and print them yourself. If you don’t want to do that, please send me a list of which tracts you want, how many of each, and your address, and I will write you with how much it will cost. — David

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