by Pastor David Cox

Note that at times I do write tracts on subjects that people request of me. Quite frankly, I get a lot of email requests every month that are just people writing asking for my counsel on some topic. Instead of answering that person with a long answer explaining the Bible on the points of their situation, and then have to do it all over again later on, I prefer to write a tract on the subject, and then post it, and send the URL to the person with the problem. In this way, many other people receive the benefits of my counsel, advice, and research. It also greatly cuts down on me having to answer emails in the long run, even though it is a little more work for me in the short run.

How to Submit a Request for a New Tract on some subject.

I use WordPress to create and maintain this website. Every comment that a person submits on any page or post on my website is placed in a special place that only I have access to, and I have to approve or disapprove the comment before the world sees it. So if you want to subject a request for a tract on such and such a topic, just post a comment anywhere on the website, and I will usually see it within the week, and I will erase your comment from the website, and I will put the topic in my to-do list, or write you with the reason why I won’t write a tract on that topic. In many cases, an existing tract already is done. In a lot of cases, I have the tract written in Spanish and just haven’t gotten it translated yet, and in these cases, I will put it at the top of the “to translate” list.

You can also send me an email ([email protected]) with your request if you desire.

Please note, be as specific as possible, and if possible give me a little of the background of the situation and the need for the tract to help me understand what you are requesting. Usually requests like “something on prophecy” will be ignored. I especially like topics having to do with refuting false doctrine of cults and sects.

David Cox Internet Ministries

David Cox Internet Ministries
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    • Hi Jenny, Yes you can, but I would prefer if you download the documents and print them yourself. If you don’t want to do that, please send me a list of which tracts you want, how many of each, and your address, and I will write you with how much it will cost. — David

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