Usage Policy

Please note my usage policy. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE TO ASK ME TO USE MY LITERATURE! There are a few conditions, but in general, you may freely use anything on this website without having to ask my permission!

Condition Number 1: No Changes

You may not change the tract in any way, especially removing my name, adding somebody else’s name, removing the website URL, etc. The only changes I do allow is for you to add your church’s contact information (if there is room) on the fifth column. If you write and ask me, providing your information, I will rework the tract to make room for that information, make the PDF again, and send it back to you.

Condition Number 2: No Charges

My literature is for free. If you receive it freely, and you think it is worthy to give or get to other people, then pay for the printing of the literature. If you want me to print up any amount of this literature, I can do so. I do not ask for money for the printing (although it would be a nice gesture), because I have a printer with ink wells, so I can basically print these for the cost of blank paper ($5 for 500 sheets). For large orders of 1000s it will take me a while to get them done. But if you will just pay for the shipping, I will print any combination of my tracts in any amount. Please note, I do not allow you to charge others for these tracts.

Please note, I do not allow you to charge others for these tracts. If you have a number of them (that you personally print, or that you get from me) I do allow you to put a jar or something to receive donations, and whatever you receive you may keep (you don’t have to send to me).

Under no circumstance can you sell these tracts without my prior approval.