Church IssueS Tracts

Church Issue Tracts
By David Cox

church issue tractsThese are my tracts on various topics dealing with the Church. They deal with various church issues, and are directed more at believers than unbelievers.

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Ch01 Meditations for Communion #1: Love
Ch02 Meditations for Communion #2.
Ch03 Meditations for Communion #3
Ch04 The Lord’s Supper
Ch10 Gifts and the Church
Ch12 Worship: The Principle Obligation for the Son of God
Ch29 The Marks of a Christian according to 1st John
Ch33 How to Conduct yourself in the House of God
Ch34 Brethren should not fight
Ch35 Bad Pastor? Or Disobedient Sheep?
Ch36 Biblical Deacons: The Service Culture
Ch37 The Requirements for Deacons
Ch40 Christians without Love: Difficult Brethren
Ch46 Why do We Witness?
Ch48 The Hymns, Psalms, and Songs
Ch52 Pushing the Work of God
Ch53 The Membership of the Church
Ch54 Teamwork
Ch55 Who Gives the Orders in a Local Church?
Ch56 Gifts in 1Corintians 12 and 14
Ch57 Tithing: Scraps or Sacrifice?
Ch58 Why giving should be Anonymous?
Ch59 The Curse of God on the Stingy
Ch60 The Profile of a Man of God
Ch61 The Useless Servant
Ch62 Not Congregating as the Custom of Some is
Ch63 Spiritual Maturity
Ch64 The Church is not a Circus
Ch66 Honoring God by Giving
Ch67 The environment of Serving One another
Ch68 Being Leaders of the Church
Ch69 Why I attend Church
Ch70 Avoiding Dictatorial Pastors
Ch71 Loyalty and Faithfulness
Ch72 Church Growth
Ch73 What does Water Baptism signify?
Ch74 Regenerational Baptism
Ch75 What and How a Church should be

These issues are things that would be of interest and importance to people who are good Christians, living and working in a local church. The local church is a very important bonding point with the body of Christ. We relate to Christ through his body. Unfortunately, many Christians despise the church, and very rarely attend, much less integrate themselves into the local church. They do not realize how this attitude and conduct destroys their spiritual life and shackles them to not being able to get the spiritual edification that they need in order to become a mature Christian.

Give a Cup of Water in my Name
Matthew 10:42 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

Christians who give even a small cup of water will not lose their reward for doing this. God will not overlook their effort to help others in the work of the Lord. To help others is rewarded by God, especially when you are helping the weak, the small young ones (think new believers), the helpless like widows in the Bible, those who cannot provide for themselves. So, my websites are for these kinds of people. I am providing material that is good sound doctrinal material, fundamentalist, conservative, biblical material.

But what I am doing is in the name of the Lord. I am not trying to get rich, but I am just trying to pay my bills from this ministry. My wife and I have personally supported our internet sites with my sermons, tracts, books, etc. and other good solid works for some 20 years now, paying for everything from our living expenses. We have had donations from some few people, about 3 or 4 a year, mostly under $30. That doesn't even begin to address the hundreds of dollars we pay hosting companies to maintain this ministry. While our downloads from these sites reach 40 gigabytes per month, donations don't seem to be in people's minds.

So even a small $5 donation to help us out will allow you to participate with me in this ministry, and you will receive rewards in eternity also. May God bless you richly in heaven for your generosity in promoting God's work. If you cannot donate anything, ⁣ that is alright, just say a prayer for this ministry and email me saying that you prayed for us so that we can give thanks for you before the throne of grace. Thank you.

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