Family Tracts

Family Tracts
By David Cox

These are my tracts on the Family and family based issued, like dating, marrying, marriage, kids, and problems within these areas.

fam01 Biblical Love: How Christians should love – A study on true love as the Bible presents it.
fam02 Seeking a Christian Mate – What should be Christian standards when seeking a life partner.
fam03 Biblical principles for a solid marriage – What makes a marriage work according to Scripture?
fam04 Resolving without Divorce – How to fix what’s wrong with a marriage without resorting to Divorce.
fam05 Discipling our Children – Biblical principles in disciplining children.
fam06 Training our Kids – How to train up our children in the nuture and admonition of the Lord.
fam07 The Submission of the Woman – What the Bible says about a woman’s submission to her man.
fam08 Abortion: Permitted by God or is it a sin? What the Bible’s view is on unborn children, and abortion.
fam10 The covetous that hordes – Biblical principles against coveting.
fam11 Pious Mothers: Oh How we need them! – A study on the virtuous woman.
fam12 Common law marriages – The Bible’s view on justing living together.
fam14 Fathers that please God – A study on the godly father.
fam15 Always late for the House of God – A study on timeliness in attending church.
fam16 Christmas: Is it for Christians? – What does the Bible say about it?
fam17 Submission and Head Coverings – The Bible’s view.
fam18 Is Divorce permitted? A study on what the Bible says about divorce.
fam19 Is Remarriage permitted after Divorce?
fam26 Wise advice for youth – Some wise counsel from the Bible.
fam27 The Dress of a Christian Woman – Biblical dress standards for women.
fam31 “Pastor, I am going to get a divorce” – For those Christians considering divorce.


Family Tracts to be Translated

Fam09 Abortion: Abominable before God (Boanerge)
Fam13 Poligamy
Fam20 Mixed Marriages
Fam21 Child Royalty
Fam22 The Bubblegum that Holds a Marriage together
Fam23 God wants Faithful Men
Fam24 The Faith of our Fathers: The Transmission of Morality
Fam25 Don’t be a Fornicator!
Fam28 Youth and Sex
Fam29 The Prudent Woman
Fam30 How to be a Man of God?
Fam32 Making your Marriage Stable
Fam33 Description of a Virtuous Woman
Fam34 The HomeWork of a Christian Mother

Our Tract Ministry

* This image is of a Gas Station with the lines because of shortage, and we were able to pass out hundreds of tracts here.

This page describes our tract ministry, including tract production (printing and folding). Our ministry is not that big yet, but we continue to grow. We have about 350 Spanish titles and 90 English titles and are adding translations into other languages. Please read this page and pray for this ministry.

In 2018 we printed 50,000 tracts and distributed them all. So far this year (as of March 14th, 2019) we have printed and distributed around 13,500. We are in constant need of donations for ink and paper, and new printers every year. Please conside a donation.

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