Family Tracts

Family Tracts
By David Cox

These are my tracts on the Family and family based issued, like dating, marrying, marriage, kids, and problems within these areas. Note that the first section below is translated into English and posted on this website. The second section below that exists in Spanish on If you speak Spanish, you can view them there or wait for me to translate them.

fam01 Biblical Love: How Christians should love – A study on true love as the Bible presents it.
fam02 Seeking a Christian Mate – What should be Christian standards when seeking a life partner.
fam03 Biblical principles for a solid marriage – What makes a marriage work according to Scripture?
fam04 Resolving without Divorce – How to fix what’s wrong with a marriage without resorting to Divorce.
fam05 Disciplining our Children – Biblical principles in disciplining children.
fam06 Training our Kids – How to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
fam07 The Submission of the Woman – What the Bible says about a woman’s submission to her man.
fam08 Abortion: Permitted by God or is it a sin? What the Bible’s view is on unborn children, and abortion.
fam10 The covetous that hordes – Biblical principles against coveting.
fam11 Pious Mothers: Oh How we need them! – A study on the virtuous woman.
fam12 Common law marriages – The Bible’s view on just living together.
fam13 Poligamy (posts on Oct 15, 2023)
fam14 Fathers that please God – A study on the godly father.
fam15 Always late for the House of God – A study on timeliness in attending church.
fam16 Christmas: Is it for Christians? – What does the Bible say about it?
fam17 Submission and Head Coverings – The Bible’s view.
fam18 Is Divorce permitted? A study on what the Bible says about divorce.
fam19 Is Remarriage permitted after Divorce?
fam21 Children that Rule the Home
fam26 Wise advice for youth – Some wise counsel from the Bible.
fam27 The Dress of a Christian Woman – Biblical dress standards for women.
fam31 “Pastor, I am going to get a divorce” – For those Christians considering divorce.

Family Tracts to be Translated

Fam09 Abortion: Abominable before God (Boanerge)
Fam20 Mixed Marriages
fam21 Children that Rule the Home
Fam22 The Bubblegum that Holds a Marriage together
Fam23 God wants Faithful Men
Fam24 The Faith of our Fathers: The Transmission of Morality
Fam25 Don’t be a Fornicator!
fam27 The attire of a Christian woman
Fam28 Youth and Sex
Fam29 The Prudent Woman
Fam30 How to be a Man of God?
Fam32 Making your Marriage Stable
Fam33 Description of a Virtuous Woman
Fam34 The Homework of a Christian Mother
fam35 The Spiritual Benefits of Marriage
fam36 The Responsibilities of the Father
fam37 Act Manly
fam38 Fatherhood
fam39 The Unequal Yoke
fam40 Abortion is Murder
fam41 What does it mean to be a man?
fam42 Foolish Children
fam43 Leaving the House of your Parents
fam44 Men being the Head of the Family
fam46 Rules for finding a Godly Mate
fam47 Motherly Instinct
fam48 Men are God’s Agents
fam49 Men setting in order their families
fam50 Christians as a laborer
fam51 Male Leadership for God
fam52 The Manliness of Men
fam53 There are only two genders
fam54 The Shame of Nudity
fam55 Fathers are the head of the family
fam56 Establishing your marriage in the Love of God
fam57 Encouragements for Young People
fam58 Like Father like son
fam59 God gave us a Son, Now what?
fam60 What is woman?
fam61 What is being a Mother?

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