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cat03 Spiritualism

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At the essence of Catholicism is their abandonment of Jesus as their Intercessor, and their seeking of other intercessors, such as principally Mary, and the saints as they see it. This tract examines their practice of Spiritualism, the seeking of help from the spirits of dead humans.

cat17 Catholicism and Ecumenism supporting Error

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Catholicism and Ecumenism examines how the Catholic Church is using Ecumenism to deceive other religions to unite with them in some way. TOPICS: What is Ecumenism? | A Change of Tactics | There is only one doctrine given to us from God and the Apostles | The Ecumenical Tactic | Our Biblical Attitude towards Falsehood

Cat15 The Sexual Immorality of the Catholic Clergy

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This tract, CAT15 The Sexual Immorality of the Catholic Clergy, deals with the fatal errors in Roman Catholic practice and doctrine requiring their priests and ministers to be celibate. THEMES: Husband of One Wife | @No to Celibacy | Do not be a Fornicator | Pedophilia is an Abomination | Homosexuality is an Abomination | A Family Man | The Problem behind Immorality