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pc16 Why Christians shouldn’t use drugs?

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In pc16 Why Christians shouldn’t use drugs? we examine what is a biblical position about hallucinogenic drug use. The Bible condemns this kind of drug use as being a doorway to the demonic world. It is regularly used in witchcraft and wicked, pagan religions to “communicate with the spirits”, and we offer help in the form of Bible verses to break the addiction to drugs.

fam18 Is divorce permitted?

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In this tract I present some of the basic verses which indicate that Divorce is against God’s will. Marriage is not a temporary situation which you can “try”, and if you don’t like it, you can “undo it” or “cancel it”. Marriage is a holy institution, ordained and legislated by God, and marriage has to be approached and understood as being a spiritual activity and relationship in which you MUST committ and stay committed.

pc10 Sexual Purity

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In this tract we explore what the Bible has to say about sexual purity. Note that we speak harsh language in this tract, denouncing the sexual sins of our society using passages of Scripture that God clearly indicates His great wrath against these sins.