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ch49 The Biblical Pastor: The Biblical Duty

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This tract outlines the duties of a pastor. Topics: Pastoral Watchcare; Threats to wicked Pastors; Spiritual feeding; Being a Watchman (warning and protecting); Pastoral Visitation; Intercession by prayer; Pastoring because you love Christ.

ch38 Recognizing a good pastor

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In this tract we chat with you about God’s concept of the “good pastor”. We contrast the good pastor against the wicked Pharisees of Jesus’ time, marking what is different between the “thief and robber” and the good pastor. His entry among the flock is legitimate. His success is of God, not from his own astuteness and trickery. His sheep follow him because he is the living local example of Christ closest to the sheep. He leads by personal example.

Tract Shepherd versus Cowboys

ch51 Cowboys versus Shepherds

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This tracts defines the difference in leadership styles, the good and the bad, within the work of God.
Topics are The Difference is in the Leaderhsip Style, The Motive: Love of God, or Love of One’s Self, How to Move and Motive Animals, How to Relate to Sheep, –Cowboy – Indifference, –Shepherd – Love, The Difference is also in the Nature of the Animals, Sheep are loyal to their Pastor, and Messenger Worship.