Free Teen Sunday School Classes

We have 60 or more Spanish Teen Sunday School classes, and on this page, I am listing the English translations for download and free use. These are organized into 3 sections, supposedly my idea was to have 52 classes in each section, so that by rotating through a different section each year, basically, you would give new classes each year that a typical teenager would be in these classes. Unfortunately, I am still working on completing the 156 classes. But a lot of them are ready and people are using them.

Please consider a small donation to help me keep these classes on the Internet, and to encourage me to keep making classes.

Sunday School Classes Series 1

Sunday School Classes Series 2

Sunday School Classes Series 3

Using these classes

To give you an overview. Each class consists of at least one pdf, where normally you print both pages (front and back of a single sheet of paper) and then you fold it in half. Normally there is some kind of puzzle on the back. When there is a puzzle, either as the third page in the PDF or in a separate file, this page has the answers for the puzzle for the teacher. That page is not to be given to the students until they cannot figure out the puzzle. In some classes, there are more pages which are teacher notes to help the teacher.