doct07 The Athanasius Creed

Athanasian Creed

Athanasius Creed: There is one God in Three Persons
290-373 A.D.
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Athanasius was a deacon in the church of Alexander, bishop of Alexandria. He attended the Nicene Council. Afterwards he was the bishop of Alexandria after Alexander died in 328 A.D. He was persecuted for his position of defending the Trinity and the Deity of Jesus Christ. His declarations on the Trinity are very clear, and very far reaching. Even though these declarations are not Scripture, they are very well worded and studied to communicate the Bible truths.

The Life of Athanasius

(290-373 A.D.)

Athanasius, which means “immortal,” was born in Egypt, in the city of Alexandria, in the year 295 A.D. When he was an adolescent, he studied law and theology. He retired from that for a time into a desert to live a solitary life, and he made friends with some monks in the desert; after which, he returned to the city, and decided to dedicate his life totally to the service of God.

It was in the time of Arius, he was chosen to be the secretary of Alexander. Arius confused the faithful with his heretical interpretation that Christ was not God in his nature.

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