fam21 Child Kings Parents that let their kids Rule

Child Kings: Parents that let their kids Rule

By David Cox

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Summary of Parents that let their kids Rule

In Children that rule the home, we examine families where the parents have given up their administration and governing of their home and children to the children, where the children make all the important decisions. Topics: The Critical Point | The excesses of Bad Kids | The child that curses their parents | Children that honor their parents | Children are not to command in the home
In our world, there is every kind of evil. While in the past, the evil was not so developed, today it seems that wickedness knows no limits. The Bible imposes rules and principles on us so that things would work in order to be pleasing God. The relationship between children and parents is one of those things that has become very distorted. Besides the abuse of children by their parents, there are parents who are abused by their children. These are children who manipulate and control their parents in some form. They do not respect the authority that God has placed in parenthood.

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