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fam18 Is divorce permitted?

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In this tract I present some of the basic verses which indicate that Divorce is against God’s will. Marriage is not a temporary situation which you can “try”, and if you don’t like it, you can “undo it” or “cancel it”. Marriage is a holy institution, ordained and legislated by God, and marriage has to be approached and understood as being a spiritual activity and relationship in which you MUST committ and stay committed.

fam19 Is remarriage permitted after divorce?

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In this tract I explain why remarriage after divorce is not biblical or permitted. It is my convinction that many people go for a divorce because they fully believe that marriage is just a temporary situation, and holding in their mind the alternative of divorce and remarriage, they put half-hearted efforts into their marriage, and ruin it. One of the key motivators for people to sit down and work out their problems is that negotiation and compromise on their hard headed ideas, and change in their own life is based on the fact that they are “bound” by God into their marriage, and their is no other biblical option open to them.