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bs01 Principles of Interpretation of Holy Scripture

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Let the Bible speak for itself
We accept the Obvious first
We respect the Historical Context as well as Grammar
There is divine power in the Words
There are no contradictions in the Bible
We respect the Variety of biblical literature.
We respect the Divine Priorities
We seek the Truth in order to Obey it.

Interpreting Bible Types

bs03 Interpreting Bible Types

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A study on how to interpret types in the Bible. TOPICS: Definitions | Why use antitype types? | The definition of a type | The Error of Allegorism | How to interpret a type? | Perspectives on types | Examples of types-antitypes

Benefits of Bible Study

bs02 Benefits of Bible Study

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TOPICS: To better know our Redeemer | The Function of Scriptures | To help us maintain good relations with other people | To be approved before God. | To grow and follow Christ | To Build our Faith and Hope. | For Spiritual Strength and Prayer | To Equip us for Spiritual warfare | To Cleanse us from Sin | To find Joy and Peace | To be Prosperous in life | To Guide us in the decisions of Life