pent03 Kundalini and Tongues

Kundalini and Tongues
The Power of the Serpent
By David Cox [email protected]
[pent03] v1 ©2006
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The modern speaking in tongues (ecstatic speech, losing control) is not a biblical practice, but is part of a religion of demons. This phenomenon appears in various religions, and one of them is in Hinduism (Yoga). According to them, this phenomenon is the bursting forth of the power of the serpent that comes up through a person’s spine. They define this as “going through a door”, but alter seeking it, it takes control of your own body.

Normally this includes speaking in tongues (the physical tongue of the person begins to make sound without that person controlling it himself). In 1 Cor.14, Paul explains what the discerning marks of speaking in tongues are (when it did happen and was from God). Always it followed the principle of “the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophet” (14:32). Modern tongues is taught to be a letting “the spirit” take control of your body, in order that you lose control and speak in ecstatic speech, unknown sounds, and those who practice speaking in tongues take this to be biblical tongues. But if the Spirit of God enters the body of the person, (1) He does not take control from you, but proposes what is that will of God so that in your own will and control, you do the will of God. (2) God does not cause a person to do things against his will, especially do cause them to do things against God’s will. Paul presents us with a list of criteria in 1 Cor. 14 to discern what are the marks of the working of God’s Spirit, so if somebody says something is of God, we can spiritually discern if it is or not.

If the Spirit of God enters these people that speak in tongues today, it is (by their own definition) a outside control from outside of themselves that enters and controls them. But what “spirit” is this if what they do is against God’s express will? Would God make a person sin? Who is this spirit then? It is an evil spirit disguising itself as the Holy Spirit, but holy it is not.

The Truth about Speaking in Tongues

First in Acts 2, the speaking in tongues that they did was in known human languages (known by people present, and the purpose was for communication of the gospel). Secondly we note that in the Bible the purpose of speaking in tongues was the preaching “the wonderful works of God” (Acts 2:11), or in other words, it was a preaching or teaching where the rest judged the content of what was said, always understanding what the words meant (cp Acts 17:11 “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether these things were so”). God’s will is that God’s people understand and compare with the Word of God all teaching and speaking in the services and this includes tongues. The edification that Paul gives us as one criteria in 1 Cor. 14 is to hear the word of God and understand it (as in Neh.8:8) so that we can obey it.

If these things are very clear, then why do Christians reject the very clear teaching of the Bible that says the most important passage on tongues that there is teaches us that tongues is known (by people present) foreign language? Why do people seek for something else? The answer is that the heart is rebellious, and it seeks alternatives to what God commands. But even though many people understand that modern tongues aren’t quite what the Bible teaches, they don’t understand the demonism behind modern tongues. Let’s say that this is witchcraft and satanic activity where truly people lose control of their bodies to the power of devils.

Any person who allows or seeks this is seeking demonic powers to control his body (Mark 5:9).

The Danger of Speaking in Tongues

But the person who plays the game with speaking in tongues is playing with the devil and in the end can be hurt very much. The modern practice of tongues is exactly the same that Hinduists and practitioners of Yoga ((Yoga – “Yoga” means “put under a burden”.)) have practiced for centuries which they call kundalini ((Kundalini – the idea here is of burning or a spiral twisting. They relieve that all “cosmic” energy comes from the base of spine (of the human being). Kundalini is a releasing of this cosmic energy, and this happens when the serpent untwists itself in you. In the occult, kundalini has been a common practice for over 1,000 years, but in Asian religions, its history has goes back to 4,000 year.)). They have the concept that this phenomenon is to release “the power of the serpent” that resides in every person. This can be brought about through the use of strong psychedelic drugs (that alter the mind), yoga, near death experiences, and with speaking in tongues as is practiced today. The physical experience is exactly the same in tongues and kundalini. When the power of the serpent comes out, frequently the person makes involuntary sounds and their bodies begin to make movements out of their control (as is slain in the spirit). ((Cristiana y Stanislov Grof, “The Stormy Search for the Self”, page 78-79, a book promoting the Kundalini movement.)) The Hindu’s Kundalini is the modern speaking in tongues, and both fall to the floor and roll about out of control (this is also seen in Santerism), making sounds of animals, or even laughing uncontrollably ((Witch’s Laughter: “I laughed for hours and hours. All my private personal sufferings… was dissolved in the laughter… I felt transformed… I have always seen this happen as a kina of spiritual experience… people do not think that laughter is spiritual. Now I understand that laughter can be a medium for a spiritual experience… it can be the medium of a transformation. The laughter of Gavreil, like that of Aphrodite, empowered me to put distance between me and the pain.” Carol Christ, The Laughter of an Aphrodite: Reflections on the Journey to being a Goddess, Harper & Row, 1987, pgs. 5-6., even smelling strange fragrances, having a sensation of light or fire or electricity, visions of heavenly people talking to them, or rhythmic and repetitive chants.

Kundalini was described by the Upanishads, the holy scriptures of Hinduism in the fifth century before Christ. The oral tradition goes even further back. For example, in India, the guru of Kundalini Yoga, Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) describes his god-man consciousness. Every day he entered into a samahdi (trance) when he then fell to the floor involuntarily in a state of euphoria and joy (ananda) when pretty visions appeared and sometimes he would leave his body and travel through the heavens. This was also accompanied at times with an uncontrollable laughing. He could cause this same thing to happen in other people with only a light touch ((We note that the Bible present a certain transference of spirits by the imposition of hands. We are to be wary, to have a lot of reserve in the imposition of hands on other, and especially not to lay hands on someone unless we are extremely sure that he is a true man of God, and even then, we should not allow other to put hands on us.)) on the head or chest of others ((

Another master of Kundalini Yoga was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-1990) who brought his sect to the United States. In his interpretation of all of this, they meditated (no thoughts), chanted rhythmic chants, naturalism (walk about totally naked), practices a “primordial scream,” did extreme forms of exercise, and had free sex. With just his presence in a room, his disciples began to laugh and cry uncontrollably, to fall to the ground, to feel electricity, and all of this was precipitated easily by a touch in the head by the finger of the grand master Rajneesh. They use the term, “drunk with new wine”, even though they did not necessarily drink any alcohol. It is a euphoria which is similar to what alcohol gives a person, but it is spiritual. We also note that the experiences of those which practice Voodoo equally speak in tongues (ecstatic speech) in their sessions.

Carl Jung (1875-1961) is the father of modern psychology and he promoted the Kundalini Yoga in the conferences as a link between psychology and the oriental thought for finding internal (spiritual) peace. Kundalini Yoga is a system of meditation ((In oriental religions, meditation is “not thinking”, to block or free the mind from all thought, and in the Bible the word “meditate” means to think profoundly about something, the exact opposition.)) where the person controls their respiration in order to provoke an altered state of conscious (trance ((In Voodoo, the people enter a trance with repetitive music. The trance simply puts the person in communication with spiritual beings. During the trance the person has no control of himself, and often he will fall to the floor. Some crawl about on the floor and make sounds of animals or sounds that nobody understands. Those priests of Voodoo normally have the job of catching these people before the fall and hurt themselves.))) so that these “spiritual” things (tongues, falling, visions, etc) can happen. Many false religions worldwide have used these same forms to communicate with spiritual beings, “gods”, of phantoms (spirits of dead humans).

Even among these very groups though there are warnings (( of the danger in these phenomena. Medically speaking, doctors have noted that once these practices begin, the person can move into a trance state without warning or desire, and there are other problems like sexual dysfunction, physical and psychological problems (anxiety, night mares, depression, hallucinations, psychological distress, detachment from reality, etc.), tiredness and stress, inability to concentrate, and even problems with demon possession.

Demonic Activity in the Church

The Bible teaches that the baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs at the same moment of saving faith (accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior), and the only faith and always present mark of the indwelling Holy Spirit is holiness, piety, and a leaving off of sin. There are groups of Pentecostales who promote the Holy Spirit baptism as something equal to Kundalini or speaking in tongues (by reinterpretation of the words to mean other things which are not what the Bible really teaches). To be clear here, to fall down on the ground and roll around, lose control of one’s own body, and make strange sounds has always from the beginning of time been associated or understand as a mark of demon possession (Mat 17:15, never the Spirit of God (until Pentecostalism).

“According to the roman rhythm, other signs of possession (by demons) include ‘the ability to speak with commonness in a strange tongue or when another speaks through you, the ability to foresee future events or hidden things, and the manifestation of powers that are beyond normal powers of people.“ ((Joseph Ecanem, PhD. “demonic possession” p 23.

“Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”
2 Corinthians 11:14


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  1. Paul spoke in Tongues, its written in the bible that at the day of Pentecost; holy spirit came upon people and they started speaking in different languages, glorify god. Jesus said that i am sending you a counselor, he will reveal the truth about god………………You need to ask Holy spirit to guide you. Its not demonic, its the work of god’s spirit. Its my personal experience that when i speak in tongues i connect with God. I cant explain in words, what I experience. Please talk to god about this…………..he is the only one who can guide you!

    • Hi Tony, You error in not meticulously comparing your Bible with what is going on in the popular Christian current you are in. First of all, speaking in tongues is always the preaching of the marvels of God (the Word of God). On the day of Pentecost, not everybody spoke in tongues. That is clearly not what happened. The ministers of God spoke in tongues. The purpose of tongues on this day is interwoven with the message of God to Israel (the Jews present particularly) and their rejection in the present and future plans of God. Peter’s sermon is what they spoke. This underlies and is at the heart of biblical tongues speaking, there is always a biblical preaching/teaching message underlying. Paul brings this out very well in 1Cor 14. Without that message, tongues is madness of an insane man. Therefore, it is very clear from Scripture that biblical tongues is to speak the message of God in a foreign language. Acts 2 lists the langauges in that tongues event. Not everybody can or should speak in tongues. This, when it happened in Scripture, was a vehicle for communicating the doctrines of God, the message of God, and IT WAS NEVER AN EMOTIONAL FEELING, which you obviously are seeing as the primary element of true tongues speaking.

      Technically anytime a preacher preaches the word of God, he is speaking in a tongue, because the word linguistically means a language. The event or phenomena of speaking in tongues (incorrect because you can only speak in a single language at any one time) is when God intervened in the “normal” preaching and teaching in a miraculous way. What was the primary focus of Acts 2? A feeling that the Holy Spirit provoked on those present? Everybody “praising God in tongues” lifting their hands and feeling spiritually different, sensing the presence of God? Where do you see that kind of thing in the text? You don’t. The emphasis was missionary. Getting the Word of God, the Gospel to those without knowledge of Jesus Christ. The focus was always on Jesus’ work on the Cross and resurrection. Therefore speaking in tongues in the Scripture is where God moved men to boldly speak the work of God to people present that didn’t speak these ministers’ own language. This speaking in a foreign language is the vehicle by which they communicated the truth of God to the unsaved. 1) It was in a public forum in Acts 2, with foreigners present (equally in 1Cor 14). Today the focus in not on communicating to people of a different language that those Christians preaching. 2) The special divine intervention where men miraculously spoke in a different language to unsaved people of that language present, was clearly marked to cease. It was a sign to unbelieving Israel, not for the church.

      3) In 1Cor 14, the issue was disorder and ungodly things happening in the services, and tongues were part of that. Paul does not command that everybody should speak in tongues, but rather relegates tongues speaking (preaching in a foreign language to those foreigners present) to an inferior and minor importance. If there are foreigners present, let them have a translator. Otherwise, don’t let these sermons and speeches in foreign languages take a major part of the service, because that is incorrect according to Paul.

      Moreover, Paul gives a series of rules or criteria to decide whether something is of God or not. Obviously modern tongues speaking breaks these criteria regularly and has to be condemned as unbiblical. Whether it is done in Corinth during the time of Paul or today, Paul’s words condemns the practice heavily because it breaks with all spiritual criteria of what is godly. Confusion, women speaking, multiple people speaking at the same time, no interpretation back into the langauge of the majority, etc. Everything focuses on that communication to foreigners in tongues speaking. In an American church with all people who have English as their native language, where does tongues fit in? It doesn’t, and it is just a prideful thing people exalt themselves with. On the one extreme, I believe it has all the marks of demon activity, and on the other, it is just out of place and not right.

  2. It has always amazed me how easily the devil uses so-called christians to present themselves as ministers of GOD! to pervert what the scriptures say. For “YOU” to outright say that “The modern speaking in tongues (ecstatic speech, losing control) is not a biblical practice, but is part of a religion of demons.” The blind, leading the blind! cox, some day you WILL kneel before the Throne of GOD and have to answer for this blasphemy. may you NEVER convert another soul to your to perverted teachings! may The LORD of HOSTS send his angels to deliver those that you have corrupted. In the MIGHTY Name of JESUS, amen! Isa 9:6, says it all!

    • Aren’t you glad that truth is not subject to what you or I think it is, but what God says it is! That being the case, it amazes me how you can accept a clearly Satanic practice without EVER ONCE QUESTIONING IF IT REALLY IS BIBLICAL! From the OT times, demonic influence and possession has ALWAYS BEEN SEEN as loss of control of one’s self, babbling, and rolling around on the floor. In every non-Christian religion (Hinduism, Buddism, animism, etc), this conduct has been either identified as being detrimental to the individual doing it, or being an evil spirit. It amazes me that you can be so blind to the truth, and yet champion and defend error, and viciously attack anybody who tries to point out to you what is going on! You cannot defend what you do and believe with Scripture I note, but have to fall back to just attacking me with hollow accusations and attacking my integrity. Yes, I will kneel one day before the throne of GOD, and when I defend my actions and positions and beliefs with Scripture, I will be justified. Can you say the same? Especially since you cannot justify your position and practice with Scripture before somebody like me!?

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