evc05 A Young Earth: There is not enough Time for Evolution

evc05 A Young Earth: There is not enough Time for Evolution explains why our earth is young, and evolutionists are wrong.

By David Cox

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Scientists talk about the thousands of years of the formation of the world, but then they changed, this to 10,000 years, then to 100,000 years, and then to millions of years. Now they talk about billions of years. The reason for this is that evolution has no evidence in nature. We do not see the changes as evolutionists say are currently happening. Therefore, in defending their atheistic faith (which is against God the Creator of the universe), they demand millions of years for evolution to have a process so slow that we cannot observe it. One asks, “If a scientist cannot observe and measure something, is it possible for him to conclude that it is true even without evidence?No. Conclusions without direct observations are very doubtful.

What do Christian scientists* believe?

Christian scientists present us with a creation account and say that the earth is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. Evolutionists believe it is 4.5 billion years old or older. A Christian by the name of Bishop John Ussher proposed that creation occurred around 4004 BC, making the age of the earth around 6,000 years. Some Bible students come to the same thing by examining the genealogies of the Bible. We must understand that evolutionists simply deny the account of creation as God gave it to us in Genesis. Part of this discussion is the word “day” in Genesis 1 and 2, which is literally 24 hours or a time of many years. (See my tract, evc Six Days of Creation, at coxtracts.com)

(* It is difficult to understand how a scientist that supposedly only deals with facts and evidence now must be classified as “Christian” or atheist. The reason for this is because scientists in our day come to any matter with preconceived “beliefs” that taint and direct their conclusions.)

The Law of Uniformity

Evolutionists use the Law of Uniformity that everything happening in our world is uniform as a basis to make their calculations. If a river removes one centimeter of stone every 10 years, then they measure how many centimeters there are uncovered and calculate the time that has passed in this erosion. What they do not consider is the possibility of natural disasters such as the explosion of Mount Saint Helens in Washington. We saw “live” within hours the erosion that was supposed to take millions of years to happen. This reveals the error of the principle of uniformity because it cannot be assumed that everything remains “uniform” for all ages, that natural events of a dramatic nature happen. (Real scientists will always take this into consideration.) Evolutionists do not consider dramatic changes such as the cyclic aspect of nature, such as periodic ice ages or warming spells, etc. Weather is always unpredictable and affects life in ways that we do not always understand. Natural events such as a lake that bursts a nature dam to rapidly erode downstream cannot be well understood thousands of years later.

The Laws of Physics

Science regularly defines laws, and regarding these laws, other scientific studies must be subject to them, or these new studies must explain in a reasonable way why they are exceptions. The first law of thermodynamics says, there is no new generation of energy, nor loss of energy, but energy is only changed from one form to another form, but the total always remains the same. The second law of thermodynamics says that systems tend to accommodate lower energy levels. Within a system there is movement from order to disorder, from complex to simple. When an animal dies, it changes to simpler elements. If you put a (complex) watch with its crystal loose in a box and shake it, it always goes to disorder, dust, (simpler), and the crystal will never be put back into the watch. Leave it shaking for a million years and then it is just dust. Time cannot overcome the law that demands that the complex go to the simple. Only with intelligence (like that of man or God) can we go from simple to complex.

Rapid Erosion

Genesis 7:4 For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. 24 And the waters prevailed upon the earth a hundred and fifty days. Evolutionists propose that erosion is always constant, and then point to places like the Grand Canyon in Colorado as an example of “an old earth.” The strange thing is that there is no loose soil stuck between the strata as if they were accumulations of a long period of time, but rather each stratum is homogeneous throughout the stratum, which indicates rapid formation. Likewise, there is no sediment at the mouth of the river where it enters the Gulf of Mexico.

If they were to seriously consider the Bible account of the flood, they would not be deceived as scientists. The fact that many cultures have a flood story in their history should make them accept it. But bias against God and God’s authority is what they follow. The Bible states that there was a life altering, planet changing event, because of God’s decision to destroy the evilness of mankind at that point. A true scientist considers all possibilities before making conclusions.

The Mississippi River has a lot of sediment at its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico, but the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo has nothing to show for the tons of earth eaten away from the Grand Canyon, as if it were a quick event that carried all the sediment away with the force of a sudden disaster. There is evidence of a large lake above the Canyon that had a natural dam that then suddenly broke and sent a lot of water causing the canyon. Likewise, deltas at river mouths throughout the world could not have existed for more than a few thousand years. There is not enough sediment built up.

In the Grand Canyon, there is almost a mile of strata exposed for observation, and all the different strata are seen in a slow bend as in an earthquake. It’s like pancakes on a plate, all the strata bend slightly together. For this to happen, they had to bend while they were all still soft together when the earthquake happened, because they would not bend together after years of becoming rock. If each layer was formed and made stone before the next, then they would not fold together. All over the world there are strata that are almost folded in two. To make the rock into strata, and then bend them, all the strata had to be folded very recently after being formed, and all the strata had to be formed together at the same time, not for long periods of time between each stratum.

The Fossils

There are examples of trees that have their location perpendicular to the strata. The outside of the ground of a tree placed like this will rot before it accumulates millions of years. Furthermore, the norm in fossil evidence is that we find many whole, even soft-tissue animals like jellyfish or feces that would not last any time if slowly covered over thousands of years with sediment. How is this possible? These fossils testify to a rapid burial in a stratum, where, for example, a dinosaur can be completely covered, and we find this model in fossils all over the world as well. If the situation is that there is an accumulation of millimeters of sediment per year, an animal or man cannot be covered in a moment. This indicates the Bible’s great flood as the likely source of these fossils. Scientists do not use logic or the actual evidence in dealing with fossils. They examine the strata, and decide the age of the strata, and they work from there. There is no evidence for these conclusions, and when they find things outside of where they should be, they don’t know what to do. What happens when they find a fossil that covers two or three stratums, which represents billions of years. How is it possible? They don’t have answers.

The Decay of the Magnetic Field

Scientists have observed the Earth’s magnetic field over the last 150 years and have measured its decay (2.7% per year) which is a constant. The earth is spinning like a top, and by the same decay that the laws of science command, we can then calculate how long the earth has existed (6,000 to 8,700 years). If we insist on the age of the earth as being as little as 20,000 years, then the Earth would have to have started spinning so strongly that gravity and the heat generated would make it impossible for life to exist on such a world.

The Accumulations of Millions of Years

Evolutionists typically tell us that the universe is very old, and that we are millions of years old. But if the system of wind, rain, rivers going to the ocean, etc. have existed all this time, then there is not enough accumulation of mud in the oceans. There is an accumulation of 20 billion tons per year. On all floors of the oceans, there is no more than 400 meters of accumulation. If the Earth existed 3 billion years ago, the oceans would be dozens of kilometers deep of sediment.

The sediment present is for 15 million years if we do not calculate a flood like Noah’s. The earth also dumps 450 million tons of sodium into the oceans each year. Only 27% of this sodium leaves the ocean each year. If the oceans started out without any salt, there is not enough salt for an old earth. Do you remember when man landed on the moon? The spacecraft had legs 2 meters deep because scientists calculated the accumulation of solar dust on the moon to be a minimum of 4 meters deep (using a few million years of age, not billions). They thought they would enter a meter of dust before resisting. There are only a few centimeters of dust on the moon’s surface.

DNA and Mystery

Scientists say DNA cannot exist for more than 10,000 years, or it decays itself where it is found. But they regularly pull DNA from fossils that are supposedly 200,000 years old. Evolutionary scientists put dates of 250 billion years on algae that have been revived. They have taken soft tissue and blood cells from dinosaur fossils. Evolutionists also say that Homo Sapiens (man) has existed on earth for 185,000 years with a constant population of between 1 and 10 million people. Their remains last in the earth for 200,000 years, and the stone and metal artifacts, they bury with them, even longer. So, there must be about 8 billion corpses on earth, but there are not this number of corpses present. They have found only a few thousand fossil corpses.

Carbon 14

Radioactive carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,700 years, and its full life is 250,000 years. This is what they use to calculate the age of fossils that had living matter (plants, animals, or humans). When they came out with this test to establish the age of an artifact that once lived, it was the law for everything. But this test is not very reliable. Scientists at one point said that oil and coal took millions of years to form. Now they have formed these in a laboratory in a few hours, although by the carbon 14 test it shows that they were millions of years old. So, this test is not reliable for dating. Annual growth marks on the oldest trees show a few thousand years.

Why does this problem exist?

We must insist that we believe in a young earth because the evidence of the Bible teaches us this. Secular science verifies what God says, it does not contradict it. The rejection of this scientific testimony of God to the facts is because these people refuse to submit to the authority of God, and it is because of their rebellion that they cannot see the truth. No amount of evidence is going to alleviate your dilemma if you don’t believe God.


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