evc06 The Young Age of the Earth

evc06 The Young Age of the Earth explains why scientific evidence supports a young earth against evolutions long time spans.

evc06 The Young Age of the Earth

The Young Age of the Earth: Scientific Evidence against Evolution

by David Cox

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The Salinity of the Oceans – Every year rainfall carries dirt from the mountains to the seas. Once in the oceans, there is no way for the salt in this dirt to be removed. The Dead Sea is an example of what happens when the salt concentration grows. (The Dead Sea is small in comparison to the oceans.) According to the calculations of experts, the concentration of the salt in the oceans on the entire planet will be as much as the Dead Sea in a few million years.

Time is important – Evolutionists use very large amounts of time for the formation of the universe and living beings. According to them, only “a few billion years” ago, the universe, the earth, and life on earth was almost as it is today. They want to propose that the foundation events happened billions of years ago, or even further back, and every year they add more large amounts of time to their theories.

We need to keep the difference between speculation and scientific method clear in our minds. Creation is not a theory, because God, who is scientific, understood the principles in creating (because He imposed these principles). And as any good scientist would do, He observed everything and then informed us of the things He did and told us of the principles, the whys, the hows, and everything that He wanted us to know about creation. “Speculation” is when nobody was around to observe and report something that was happening, i.e., evolutionists. God, as a scientist, created, and gave us a report of what He did by way of the Bible. The conflict that happens in this area is because men refuse to believe the testimony in Genesis, because they rebel against God. They refuse to consider it as being viable (as coming from another Scientist), and they wait until the evidence shows them it is not true. Isaiah 51:6… and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner…There is a principle of active decay in the universe which God has declared to us because of sin. This law is scientific because anybody can observe it easily in many things.

The Long Spans of Time – In all presentations of evolution, they will always insert long spans of time of millions or billions of years where change is very, very small. Their thinking is in probability, their difficult theories could maybe be true if they are thinking in billions or trillions of years instead of shorter periods of time. So, evolution falls dead if the age of the earth is around 10,000 years. But the more you insert time into something like this, the more IMPROBABLE your desired outcome is. But a scientist named Bayes (a mathematician of statistics, which was not a Christian) calculated some laws specifically which work against the evolutionist mindset.

Bayes Law – says with the increase of a needed number of “attempts” to achieve something, you diminish the probability of the event happening, and this focuses to the point where we must conclude that the event was impossible from the beginning.  In other words, an athlete tries to throw a basketball 1 mile into a hoop will have little possibility of achieving this feat. To increase the number of tries to a million, or a billion, is not to say that he will now achieve the feat, we are simply trying to make an impossible feat seem possible.

The Young Age of the Earth – The evidence weighs in on the side of a young age for the earth. The first law of Thermodynamics say that matter is neither created nor destroyed, but everything moves from a state of order to one of disorder. A person dies, and his body decomposes, but the elements that decompose continue to exist in a simpler and less organized form (not so complex). The Second Law states that whatever increase in order or complexity is only local, temporal, and directed. The trees of a forest can be changed into a wooden house, because a man does that, not because nature will do it. But the wooden house, with time, will rot and fall apart from its ordered form, making itself less complex, and less organized. If you take the crystal from a watch and throw both into a washer, and turn the washer on, how many years does it take for the crystal to correctly place itself on the watch like it was? The more time you add to the example, the more the crystal and the watch will decompose into dust. For evolution to function, they say, they need more time. But they reject the scientific laws of Thermodynamics out of hand. Why? How does this help their theory? They hold that mankind is getting more and more advanced as biological creatures each generation, but what we see is a deterioration of humanity. Genesis 2:1-3 says that the works of creation “were finished… and God ended His work… and rested.”  True creation was making something from nothing, and this ended at this point (Genesis 2:1-3). God explains to us that these laws that we observe very easily are the result of the fall of man, and the resulting curse of God on creation.

The Error of Presuming that everything continues Today as It Happened in the Past. – Much of the conclusions of these “scientists” is based on this presumption. If the river which carved the Grand Canyon in Colorado cut through so many inches each year, and is 1367 yards deep, then it had to take 5-6 million years to form it as we see it today. But a good scientist will not let any detail to pass his attention and consideration. If this is so, and we compare the same thing to the Mississippi river, the Mississippi river has miles of sediment at the mouth where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. So where is all the sediment from the Grand Canyon? Because there is hardly any sediment where the Rio Grande River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. The violent eruption Mount Saint Helen (the 29th of March in 1982) will serve as a good comparison here. In as little as 3 hours, a result of a “great erosion” had taken place, and if a scientist would not have known about the volcanic eruption, he would have concluded that it took millions of years to form this kind of erosion. The point here is that modern scientists refuse to consider the flood as being universal, as the Bible describes it. That is because if they do admit it, then God exists, and they are obliged to worship and submit to Him, which they will not do. They are rebellious against Him.

Other observations of the young age of the earth are the stalagmites and stalactites, as well as coral reefs. The coral reefs today show a growth which does not represent thousands upon thousands of years. The stalagmites and stalactites in caves also do not show an age of more that a few thousand years.

The upper covering of dirt (topsoil) grows through the process of erosion, and this covering of dirt grows very slowly each year, although the entire earth has this increase. With a supposed age of “only” one billion years, there should be 12 miles of topsoil, when there is only 5 to 7 inches of topsoil! Where did it go to? The better question would be why does the actual evidence point to so few years of age for the earth? Some suggest that the answer is that it is in the deepness of the oceans. But if we take an average of the sediment in the oceans, it is still no more than 20 inches.

The Accumulation of Space Dust on Meteors – There is space dust that travels through space and falls on the earth and the moon every day. With only a billion years, we would expect at least 52 feet of deepness of this space dust on the earth and the moon. While the residue from this dust is very clear in the layers of ice, for example in Antarctica, there is very little evidence of this as they drill ice cores through hundreds of feet of ice. Why? It is because they were formed in the flood in the time of Noah, and they did not have time to accumulate. Evolutionists try to resolve this by saying that erosion has carried the dust off, but there is no erosion on the moon, and the scientific evidence from landing on the moon is that there has been only less than a half inch of dust accumulated since the creation of the moon.

The Sun, the Meteors, and the Moon – The sun reduces its size as it emits energy and solar wind from itself. According to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, it is losing 1% of its mass each century (it loses 5 feet in diameter each hour). If we use the age of the universe as only a few billion years, then the sun would have had to be so large and hot that there would not be any life nor anything solid on earth at the beginning. There are many meteors in space floating freely in our solar system (many are close to the sun). But our sun acts as a giant vacuum cleaner sucking in 100,000 tons per day of these meteorites. The solar wind causes these celestial bodies to slow down, and with time, they do not remain in orbit and fall into the sun. With only 10,000 years, the sun will clean all these meteorites and meteors, circling in orbit around the sun. There are very few comets that enter our solar system to explain the presence of so many of them presently in orbit around the sun.

The Magnetic Field – The earth has a magnetic field, because the center is probably a huge iron ball keeping the earth rotating. But this magnetic field is slowly decomposing (following the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Because this decomposing is constant, then there are limitations on what is possible. This movement of “the ball of iron” causes heat. The heat that it would produce in such spans of time in the past would be so great that nothing living could survive. So according to this calculation, life could only appear a scant 20,000 years to 25,000 years ago. Further back, the surface of the earth would be liquid lava. So, living creatures could have only appeared approximately 10,000 years ago.

The Deterioration in the Rotation of the Earth. – For 22 years, scientists have measured the rotation of the earth with atomic clocks. Because these are so accurate, they concluded that the earth is gradually slowing down (because of the action of the moon and the oceans on the earth’s rotation). As this slowing is constant, they can make calculations about what is possible. With only a billion years of age, the earth would have to have been spinning “at its beginning” so quickly that it would have deformed itself, and you cannot suppose that the earth existed even further back in time, because physical laws of science would not allow it.

Equally, in relation to the moon and the earth to each other, the moon is slowly moving away from the earth (2 inches per year). With 2 billion years as the age of the earth, the moon would have started by touching the earth in its rotation around the earth! If the earth is 5 billion years old, and the moon started by touching the earth, by today, it should be so far away from the earth such that we could not even see it.

Helium in the Atmosphere – There are radioactive elements on earth that decompose themselves into other elements. When they do this, they release helium into the atmosphere. According to the amounts that exist today adding in the amount each year, the maximum age of the earth is somewhere between 10,000 years and 15,000 years, perhaps even less.

The Process to Discern Age by Carbon 14 – All the methods of assigning dating using Carbon 14 have a limitation of only being accurate for living things that are only a few hundred years old. Some suggest that the layers of sedimentary rock are billions of years old. But they discovered a whale in these sediment layers that was perpendicular crossing various strata. How is it possible for the whale to be in different stratum if each stratum takes over hundreds or thousands of years to form? The example of Mount Saint Helen returns to mind as how this could happen very easily. But without the great flood during Noah’s day, it is illogical and unbelievable to explain.

Clearly, scientific evidence is on the side of creation, and refutes evolution.

evc06 The Young Age of the Earth


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