fam08 Abortion: Permitted by God, or is it sin?

Abortion: Is it permitted by God, or is it sin?

Abortion: Permitted by God, or is it sin?
By David Cox [email protected]
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Many people present abortion as an absolute necessity in our present world. They present cases of women which go to clandestine clinics which are illegal and fly-by-the-night, where because abortion is illegal and these women “have” to go there to get their abortions, they die from the unclean state of these places. Cases of rape are presented as if this was the most common circumstance for an abortion.

Abortion is a procedure to take away the life of the baby within the mother, and remove its dead body from the mother. This is not necessary, but it is a way of dealing with a “perceived problem” (in view of the mother). In all of these cases, if this procedure is not done, in some months a human being will be born, and that child can be given up for adoption. The perceived “crisis” is never solved killing the innocent baby, or hiding the results of sinful sexual actions.

Statistics about Abortion

In the United States, abortion has been legal since 1973 for the simple reason that the woman wants it, and before this, is was only in the case of a threat to the life of the mother. Since 1974 through 2005, abortions have caused 47 million babies to die in the US. 24% of all pregnancies end in abortion, and 40% of all unintentional pregnancies have been aborted.

Why are there so many abortions? The World Health Organization says that worldwide, 1% of women die in having an abortion. This is never the desired outcome, but it should be considered as a real possible consequence. Medical science continues to explore all the “higher risk” factors for other diseases involved with women who have had an abortion, and it does appear that there are long term damaging effects and medical risks that are never presented to youth having an abortion.

Another interesting statistic is that in the United States, only 6% of all abortions were because of medical reasons. We should also point out that since 1800, abortions for medical reasons have been commonly done, and in 1931, this was legally founded (laws made to permit doctors to perform abortions to save the life the mother) so that there would be no repercussions against medical personnel. That law states that an abortion is legal if the pregnancy was because of rape, but actually, only 1% of all abortions are because of rape. So adding for medical reasons (6%) and because of rape (1%) means that 93% of all abortions is simply because the mother wants it, most obviously “unwanted pregnancies” because the mother was not prepared for a pregnancy, i.e. probably promiscuous sex.

In Genesis 38.11, Tamar had sexual relations with her father-in-law, but in the story, her two sons that were born because of that incest were integrated into that family as regular sons. One of these, Phares, is actually in the lineage of King David (Ruth 4:18-22) and of Jesus Christ.

Other important information to consider is that the majority of abortions are done on women under 25 years of age, and 66% are not married. It is important to understand that 85% of all abortions in the United States are in the 12th week of gestation, which is the last week a legal abortion can be done.

When does life begin?

We simply ask the question, is the creature that is alive in the womb a human being, or is it not? If it is not human, what is it? Here in Mexico there are federal laws protecting sea turtles when they lay their eggs on the beaches. These wildlife laws (worldwide) consider life to begin at inception, and people are in jail for doing things to turtle eggs (an unborn creature). Laws treat conception as the beginning of life, and to kill a fetus of wildlife is universally seen as killing an animal that is just the same as an adult version of that animal. Within science and medicine, a fetus is considered a separate creature independent from the mother, from the moment of conception. Legally speaking, an aggressor that strikes the womb of a pregnant woman and causes the baby’s death (at any stage of development) is considered a murderer, so why do abortionists want to make the same creature, a non-person until the 12th week? What happens at the 12th week other than more normal processes of development? What magic happens at that point to change it from a non-human to be a human? It is a rock until the 12th week, then after that it becomes a human being with rights? Really?

“It is my body, and I have control over it”

Actually the law (in all countries) denies a person their rights when they put other human beings in danger or risk of harm or death, and this is applied even before they actual cause harm to others. Police remove, restrict, and deny rights to drunks, people under the influence of drugs, and even mentally disturbed people so that they don’t endanger others OR THEMSELVES. If the person harms themselves, they are restrained from doing so. How hypocritical that a person is put under observation and restraint if they want to cut off their toes, but not if they want to kill their fetus!

We also need to remember that statistically, the majority of the pregnancies that end in abortion are because of consensual sex, not rape. This is a voluntary decision of the woman (and a man somewhere in this) that at any point they could have just said “no”, or used a condom if they didn’t want the responsibilities of a child. So the truth about abortion is that it is simply a cover-up for sexual promiscuity in our society. It is outright murder because we don’t want the consequences of our sexual promiscuity. If people started killing policemen because they upset their drug taking habits, wouldn’t we vigorously fight that? Murder of innocents is worse.

In the Bible, there are people who are called of God from their mother’s womb (Isa. 49:1, 5; Gal. 1:15; Luke 1:31-32). In Luke 1:41-44, we have the story of John the Baptist which recognized the Messiah from the womb of his mother. If a fetus is not a person until it is born, then why does the Bible credit a baby with cognitive abilities within the womb? Equally the Bible considers human beings as “sinners” while still in their mother’s womb (Isa. 48:8; Psa 58:3; Gen. 25:21-23).

Abortion is mentioned in the Bible, and at times, God even allows or causes a mother to spontaneously abort their babies (resulting in the baby’s death) as a curse from God (Hosea 9:13-15). God holds the authority to give life and take life, but man does not individually have that authority. God even curses men who take the life of the unborn in their mother’s wombs as a heinous crime deserving the death of these men (2Ki 8:12, 15-16; Hosea 13:16; Amos 1:13).

Taking the life of innocents is a sin

Prov 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

God is totally against those who shed the blood of the innocent. Whoever raises his hand against an innocent, even though for a moment they are able to do so, God is that person’s Judge, and God is the innocent’s Protector and Avenger. The fetus in the womb has done no harm against the mother, and does not deserve death. If you would not abort the fetus, he would be born a normal person.

Psa 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

The concept of “reward” here is that the fruit of the womb is of value, something to take consideration in as being of great value, a reward or treasure. God sees the conception of a child as an inheritance that God gives the parents. It is not to be despised, rejected, nor aborted. It should be considered as a treasure, of great value. If God sees a baby in this light, why don’t we? We should respect God’s evaluation of the fruit of the womb.

To take life is a sin

Thou shalt not kill — Exodus 20:13

This law is very clear, and to take the life of another human being is simply a clear sin. The Bible does give exceptions, such as civil authorities taking the life in capital punishment when somebody has taken another person’s life (Genesis 9:6; Rom 13:4). This is part of the government’s God given responsibilities in their position as government. God also allows for the taking of life in war, on the field of battle (not before or afterwards).

But this word “kill” in Hebrew has the idea of a willful taking of another’s life, to plan and execute actions in a calculated form, which would include going to medical personnel, taking a home remedy, or even falling down to deliberately cause the abortion. In Lev 24:17; Exo 21:12, and Numbers 35:16-25, the situations in view as a capital crime are (1) planning to take the other’s life, or (2) rage that results in the same, even though there were no specific premeditated plans.

But the premeditated taking of another living being’s life, when that living being is a human, is simply a sin so grievous that God has commanded that capital punishment be used in judgment against them.

Molech: The Baby Killer Cult

The Bible speaks very severely against that false religion of Molech (Lev 18:21; 20:2-5; 2Ki 23:10; Jer 32:34). In this horrible, false religion, the parents were to sacrifice their newborn babies putting them into the white hot arms of the god Molech to die by being burned to death. Rather than taking the child as a blessing from God, they saw the child as a horrible thing which they did not want, nor did they want others to raise the child, but rather the child was only good for destruction. One of the reasons why God hated this religion so much that He raised up Israel to take their land away from them and destroy them is because children are an inheritance given by God to the parents, and killing their babies is a strike against God, His sovereignty, and His goodness.


There are always alternatives rather than abortion. Most abortions are because the mother doesn’t want to face the results of her sexual promiscuity. This is a tragedy, because one sin causes another, and the chain grows. Legalizing abortion to cover up our weaknesses and sins is a course which God will punish.

Indeed, depression and even suicide are normal after-effects of an abortion. Sin covered up with more sin only brings the person to ruin. You may not want the child, but if God has given you a child, it is a blessing from God, and you should respond by thanking God for that child, and making the unwanted child “wanted”.

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Author Pastor David Cox

Pastor David Cox


Fam08- Abortion
Fam08- Abortion
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