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Problems with Alcoholics Anonymous

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By David Cox

2 Timothy 4:3 For they come + there will be time when they will not suffer sound doctrine …

Is it possible for one alcoholic to advise another to solve their alcoholism? Is it possible to solve a spiritual problem (alcoholism) with accepting any god and any doctrine as promoted by AA? Is it possible that a method that came from a demon works with God’s blessing?

Who should go to alcohol, others with the same problem, or someone who never fell from the beginning? They say they have already overcome alcoholism, but in truth, they are people fighting equally with it.

History of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

AA was formed by two men, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith in 1935 in Akron, Ohio. Neither confessed faith in Jesus Christ. Neither of them nor in the AA material has ever proposed that there is only one way to salvation through Jesus Christ. Bill Wilson was a drunk, and his doctor convinced him that it was not his fault for his alcoholism.

Alcoholism is “Incurable”

AA teaches that alcoholism is for life, without a cure. They teach that alcoholism is the product of something beyond their control, so the person cannot be guilty of their alcoholism. The Bible teaches that alcoholism is a sin that anyone can give up and leave through the power of God. 1 Cor. 6:9-11 presents alcoholism as a sin that the Corinthians had before, but through salvation, now it is not a sin among them (nor should it be among any Christian). There is a permanent remedy with God. This detail causes AA members to stay alive with the AA if they want victory over alcoholism.

Wilson found a friend of his, Ebby Thatcher, who defeated alcoholism through “religion,” that is, a religious experience, and so AA was born. AA is about solving the problem of alcoholism without facing it as a sin before God, and uses the concept of God and a religious experience (of surrendering to something spiritual) to achieve its goals, even though it denies that the God of the Bible is the only true God and deny that the plan of salvation of the Bible is the only valid one there is.

They were spiritualists, whereby talking with the spirits or means (real demons in disguise) they solve their problems and take advantage in this world. Although this group was religious, it was very important not to touch any doctrine to “not offend anyone.” So his official motto is to reject “doctrines” or dogmas as they were unimportant and each person can believe what they want because it is not important.

1 Tim. 4:1 But the Spirit clearly says that in the end times some will apostatize from the faith, listening to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.

The AA clearly came through spiritualists speaking with spirits that are not God or angels, so they are demons. His method of meditation is a method of the occult to communicate with spirits.

Wilson’s religious group was the Oxford Group. His view was not to mention doctrines so as not to offend anyone, but by communicating with the media (spirits) they gave truth and solution to everything, including his alcoholism.

Doctrine and Dogma is without much importance

AA says “We do not try to propose doctrines but anyone is acceptable.” 2 Timothy 4: 3 For the time will come when they will not suffer sound doctrine, but having an itchy hearing, teachers will pile up according to their own lusts. We have to recognize that belittling God’s doctrine is something associated with God’s condemnation, and the curse by God of the person he does.

The Oxford Group

This group created very strongly in its members working with each other, listening to their problems to solve them. Talking to someone who listens is seen as therapeutic. The Oxford Group teaches a form of meditation that is the same used by many means to receive instructions from the spirits. They exalted honesty, purity, and love. They also practiced “restitution” where they tried to replace what they have done wrong in their lives. They saw salvation in following the sermon on the mount but in all they lost the Savior who gave the sermon.

The Problem with AA and the Twelve Steps

Bill Wilson officially attributes the twelve steps to the Oxford groups, his doctor (Silkworth), and psychologist William James. James created that psychic experiences produce profound beneficial changes in people even though there is nothing to these experiences and religion today. He said that dogmas and doctrines are not important and any religion works, but believing is what changes the human being. Then Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, and Christianity are equal in their view, and only the deep “believe” and religious experiences are what changes human life.

He also had a lot of admiration for Carlos Jung, who founded the pseudo-science of psychology. We must note here that Jung was equally spiritualist, and had his medium (a demon spirit) who was called Philemon who gave him the whole of psychiatry. When he gave it to Jung, Jung thought that Philemon was just a ghost beneficial to him. Wilson sought religious experiences with psychics (people who communicate with the dead), with the Guija table, and by means.

The third step (of the 12) is to make a decision to surrender your will and life to the care of God as we understand (to God). We must be clear that many false religions promote a “to God” surrender, but their god is not the god of the Bible. For them the delivery itself is what saves, so the god, in particular, does not matter. Even though they take this from surrendering to God from the Bible, they lost the centrality of Christ as the person to whom we surrender. When we remove the only God there is, the God of the Bible, or make Him optional, even if we want, then we take away the importance and centrality of God.

We must understand that God put a soul in every human being, and this soul and conscience responds to the spiritual. When the person tries to live without the spiritual, the soul seeks the spiritual, and without looking for it in the Bible always finds a false of Satan. But anyway the desire for the spiritual is satisfied for a while, although it does not give the peace of God. This is exactly what AA does, satisfies the desire for the spiritual without focusing on how the Bible presents it.

Their bottom line is that “religion” is a great deception, but they believe that religion can be useful in some cases because man is easily deceived, and even deceived, religion can produce good things supposedly. This is the same position of Sigmund Freud, who denies the reality of God, and sees man’s belief in God as something that changes the habits of life. Although AA strongly rejects any qualification as religion, it is a religion of spiritualists (demons disguised as means and ghosts). But more and more, its members are no longer attending and participating in traditional churches because everything spiritual they need (according to their thinking) they receive at AA meetings.

Wilson and Smith invented the twelve steps with the help of their spiritual guides (one called Boniface) which is the basis of AA. Many other “Anonymous” groups now use these same 12 steps (for them they are the 10 commandments).

In addition, AA is not organized as the Bible mandates for churches and as Christians have to demand. There are no pastors with requirements, there are no rules of the authority of the Bible, they do not put Jesus as the only Savior, and salvation is not as the Bible presents. Sometimes the leader of an AA group is a Christian, and in his group, he imposes biblical elements or even read the Bible, but AA, as it comes from the parent organization, does not specify either God, or an authority (apart from themselves), or salvation or a single Savior in Jesus Christ. Being something in competition with the model of God (the local church), it is an enemy of God’s work because it presents another gospel (Gal. 1:6-9).

The Way to Salvation

AA says the road is wide, and all roads go to heaven. Any god, belief, and religion are equally accepted, one is no better than the others. Bible – Matthew 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate; because the door is wide, and the way that leads to destruction is spacious, and many are those who enter through it; 14 For the gate is narrow, and the road that leads to life is narrow, and few find it.

Name of God

AA “Believe in God as you call him or as you understand him.” Acts 4:12 And in no other is there salvation; because there is no other name under heaven, given to men, in which we can be saved.


AA “Take an inventory of the failures and confess them to other people.” Romans 8: 1 “There is no condemnation” for the Christian, and confession is to God, or to whom we have offended. This confession is the same as confessing sins to a Catholic priest.

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