Why I attend Church

ch17 Why do I Attend Church?

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Why do I Attend Church? Biblical Reasons for attending and participating in Church. Salvation is comuning with the saints
Salvation is to be part of the Redeemed
Who do you get together with?
What do you declare with your actions?
God’s Worship
God’s Praise
The Sacrifices: Singing with Joy
The Sacrifices: The Offerings
The Sacrifices: The Prayer
A Community of Perfect Love (Fraternal Love)
Serving the Brothers
Heavenly Clothes: Good Works Here

cult17 – The Taoism the Way to God

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We examine Taoism, which promotes the way to God. But Taoism removes the personality of God, making it a force and nothing more. Heaven is to be with God who loves us, and who we love. This is true joy, happiness. TOPICS: Belief in Deity | Yin and Yang: Good versus Evil | The Salvation of your Soul from Evil | What is salvation? The Way to God | conclusion